Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet
Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet

Multi-function Large Capacity USB Slim Wallet

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Invisible is a minimalist wallet, extra light and thin for a dynamic lifestyle, designed for those who want to bring along only the essentials.

We believe a wallet designed to be compact shouldn’t lead the user to regret giving up their traditional one. 
The customer has to be enthusiastic, they should find the product easy to use.


 We believe the only things we really need in our wallets today are few essential cards, bills, little cash, coin...Invisible it’s really all you need for your daily journey, once in your pocket it is unnoticeable, virtually “invisible”. 

Try it and experience the difference.

Hidden inside is a useful 8GB flash memory card, a tool we always need. 
Protected by the rubber band and placed in a dedicated area of the body, the flash memory is always at your fingertips, ready to use.
Just a little nudge to the elastic band and you easily pull out the USB.   

A flash memory hidden under the rubber band

Invisible is extra-light, only 5mm thin, weighting 15g. It’s a little bigger than a credit card and is unnoticeable when put in your pocket, actually taking up less space than your smartphone!
The corners of the plates are rounded to make handling more comfortable and to help prevent them digging into clothing.   

Like keys and telephone, a wallet is one of the objects we carry with us every single day, but many people still use a classic bi-fold, tri-fold or clutch wallet. All of these are very bulky and often full of a lot of useless things such as much coins, fidelity cards, faded photos, bills… 
The habit of carrying unnecessary large wallets may become a thing of the past! Invisible has a size of less than 1/2 a common wallet. 
Despite its dimensions, it can cleverly contain and organize all the things you really need to bring with you while taking very little space in your pocket.   

But most of the time, the traditional wallet it’s bulky because the design makes people put things in there you don’t need everyday. 

Invisible lives together with your traditional wallet.

You jog? You cycle, you ski, you go out for a walk, you go to the theatre, you go dancing... and you want to feel light and free?

Carry with you Invisible, the few necessary things and have fun!

Having thoroughly studied the main and successful compact wallets existing in the market, we realized that all of those share the same issues: they’re hard to open and not so comfortable for an everyday use.
During the design phase we set a key differentiator: it should be easy to use. 
After many proof of concepts we had in our hands Invisible, a perfect blend of design and functionality. 
Invisible is easy, simply push your cards up to reveal them, then squeeze the plates together to fan them out.


Many slim wallets have an issue: it’s hard to insert cards because they only allow a narrow opening of the two plates.
Invisible instead, allows an ideal degree of opening for easy pull-out of the desired card, with only light pressure.
This is achieved thanks to its opposite levers engine with a soft bend in the final part of each plate.

During our typical day, we only use 3 cards and little cash.
Invisible can contain up to 1 to 10 credit cards, cash, bills, receipts, one key and one flash memory.
Thanks to its thin metal foil (the center plate), all items inside can be organized for better usability.
The middle plate provides stability to the flash memory, allowing you to carry more cards.
It acts as a divider, giving the wallet two compartments. 

While in models without USB card the middle plate is only used as a separator, in models featuring the USB card it serves as a "lock", avoiding the memory card to slip out of Invisible.



The central plate acts as a divider, giving the wallet two compartments. It separate your business cards, receipts, cash, credit/debit cards and so on. If you don't need it, simply take out the central plate.

When there is a USB key in its housing it may fall because of the hole between the rubber band and the first credit card. The middle plate doesn't allow it's fall by acting as a support.


Most minimalist wallets don't carry coins, and for good reason - coins are bulky, heavy and, in most situations, not really necessary these days. But what happens when you need just one or two coins for a parking meter or a supermarket trolley and for a padlock key? KeyCoin Plexi plate risolve the problem!

It’s like a game: a challenge to showyou how easy using Invisible can be. 
If it’s possible to open with one hand, imagine how much easier opening it with two hands can be! 


Invisible keeps your identity and cards safe with solid RFID blocking capabilities. 

The window with the phone icon in the upper side of Invisible, is designed to keep your mobile tilted at 45°.
This way you can watch videos and look at photos in complete comfort. You only have to place your phone inside this window and lightly push:your device will stand up ready to entertain you and your friends.   

The money or the cards can also be arranged on the outside, under the rubber band. 
Which will ensure maximum security against accidentally slipping 

Wherever you go, Invisible will follow you faithfully, because it is designed to be an essential tool in your daily life.   

 Not just for a boys!


We offer Invisible in various colors and graphics so you can fit your lifestyle! 

We decided on using aircraft grade aluminum because it’s light, 100% recyclable, durable, and blocks radio frequency signals. Held together by a high density silicon rubber band. It is water-resistantand washable.Did you forget Invisible in your jeans? It will be happily found intact in the washer!  

Do credit cards get damaged or demagnetized in contact with Invisible metal plates? No, credit cards can only be demagnetized when exposed to electromagnetic fields. The rigidity of Invisible’s Aircraft Grade Aluminum plates protects the cards magnetic strips from damage by bending.  

Empty or full it doesn’t matter, it’s always secure.Invisible can comfortably carry 1 - 10 cards and several notes but can stretch to more when necessary.   

Do not Sit on Your Wallet! Fat wallet sciatica syndrome or Piriformis syndrome is the name. 

 The hipbone’s connected to the leg bone… the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone… and so goes the song… In actuality there are a lot of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and so forth that keep it all together… and one little muscle that connects your tailbone (sacrum) to your hip bone (proximal humerus) can cause a lot of problems. That’s because the largest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve, runs right through it. When the sciatic nerve is compressed by the piriformis muscle either because of inflammation OR because you are sitting your wallet… the nerve is unable to communicate effectively with the rest of your leg. This can cause leg pain, tingling and numbness. Continued abuse of the piriformis muscle can cause chronic pain. Then use Invisible, carry just what you need but in your front pocket!   

● Double opposite levers engine for an easy opening
● It can contain from 1 to 10 cards
● It can be used to contain as well ID cards, credit cards, business cards and more
● It’s the perfect partner wherever you go fitting every kind of pocket or bag
● Instant access to the cards
● Starting price is very low
● You can choose your favorite configuration
● Forget your old fat wallet and feel the difference ● It’s design is made to last over time
● Available in manycolors and combinations
● The rubber band avoids accidental slipping out of the pocket, without affecting the ease of removal


Dimensions: 3 7/16" x 2" x 1/8"
Material: Aluminum - High density rubber
Compartments: 2 Attachment:loop
Capacity:1 or up to 10 cards, cash, recived…


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